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mr_slymme's Journal

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My very special friend, DJSeverus, asked me to partake of this smashing society. And so here I am. Yes, here I am, sitting in my dark, one windowed flat, overlooking the back of a god-awful smelling chinese restaurant. My only illumination comes from the tellie or the computer. (Also, the gas burners work rather well when I am making tea.)
I look forward to going to bed and being awoken every morning at 4am when the lorry arrives to deliver supplies to the fore-mentioned jolly chinese place. Nothing comes close to being forced from dreamful slumber like the clanging of metal and the screams of Asians.
By the by, I do write stories, and after being banned from HP Hardcore, I turned to the Hagridscock journal. I was accepted with open arms and feel that I have my finger firmly on the pulse of Hagrid's cock.